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Service Leadership Grants

Service Leadership grants are available to students who have committed and been accepted for a year of postgraduate service anywhere in the U.S and abroad.

There are 10 grants available, each $1000 for 5 Whitworth Students and 5 Gonzaga Students

Grantees will meet for a pre and post-service retreat where they can share and process service experiences and challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for this grant, students must either commit to a year of service (with a service organization) or have a job lined up working for a service organization for their year after college.  Student could also apply if they are taking a gap year and working for a service organization. 

  • Application Deadline: Around Marth 25th of the grant year.
  • Interviews: Typically March 28th – 31th of the grant year.
  • Notification of Awards: Typically around April 2nd of the grant year.
  • Half day retreat for Awardees (Noon to 6 pm): Typically on a Sunday afternoon near the end of April.
  • Post-experience retreat / reflection following year of service.

Students who receive this grant will commit to a preservice workshop / retreat, commit to support one another during the year of service (over a Discord channel), and commit to a reflection workshop / retreat after their year of service

If you wish to support the Krista Colleagues program with donations, please contact Kent Jones (Whitworth) or Josh Armstrong (Gonzaga)

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